What you can expect in our Taekwon-Do classes

TKD Teens and Adults classes are one and a half hours long and always begin with at least a half hour session of warm up and fitness exercises.

They then move on to develop all of the skills and techniques found within Taekwon-Do. This can include:

- Kicking and punching drills (with or without pads)
- Technical Work
- Patterns - these are a set of offensive and defensive movements against an imaginary opponent
- Self-Defence
- Power Techniques
- Special Techniques - such as flying kicks.

“But I've never done a martial art before!”

Don't worry - our classes cater for all abilities and have students of all levels. If you've never done a martial art before it really doesn't matter. We also pride ourselves on being a friendly club - so there'll always be someone to help you out!

A class for men and women of all ages!

As well as a range of abilities our classes also benefit from a wide range of ages. From 14 year olds to the over 50's. Taekwon-Do isn't just for men either - we have a high number of female students.

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