On 5th January 2017 Master Tom Denis conducted a grading in Redhill for Mr Dunn. The grading consisted of various colour belt and black belt patterns from each grade including both 5th degree patterns, one of which is 72 movements.

This was followed by one step sparring, foot sparring and 3 step semi free sparring. Mr Dunn was then tested on his close quarter self defence from various releases and attacks, after which he had to demonstrate his skills in free sparring and 2 v 1 sparring.

The board breaking element consisted of various hand and leg techniques chosen by Master Denis including several air breaks, where the board is only held at the top. The grading finished with Mr Dunn being tested on a variety of theory questions.

After this very challenging test, Mr Dunn was successfully promoted to 6th Degree black belt. Mr Dunn would like to thank Master Denis for taking the time to conduct the grading, Master Lear for all his help and support in preparing him and Mr Calvin Kong and Mr Daniel Lobley for assisting in the grading.

Mr Dunn Promotion to 6th Degree

2 thoughts on “Mr Dunn Promotion to 6th Degree

  • 8th January 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Well done Mr Dunn, was it really hard work??

    • 13th January 2017 at 12:12 pm

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the message. It was a really tough grading. Master Denis definitely pushed me to my limits and I had to give it everything I could. Thankfully it was enough to get me a good mark so I could be promoted! Only, 6 years minimum until the next one!

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