After a long day at the Vision TKD blackbelt grading, I am very pleased to announce that we have three new black belts!!

Congratulations to Martyn Rowe, Anna Wessels and Nyal Patel in passing to 1st degree. They have all trained very hard to reach this level and it is a fantastic achievement, very proud of you all!

To those who were unsuccessful, never give up! Keep learning and training hard and I will be here to support you in reaching your goals.

Persevere and you will succeed after all, a black belt is a just white belt that never gives up!!!

– Mr Dunn

Our new black belts:

Mr. Martyn Rowe (1st Degree)


Miss. Anna Wessels (1st Degree)


Mr. Nyal Patel (1st Degree)



A full list of our Synergy Black Belts

New Synergy Black Belts!
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