On Saturday 4th February the Vision Taekwon-Do Association held their inaugural awards night for the achievements during 2016. This was a black tie dinner held at the Mecure Hotel in Pembury, Kent which saw 85 people attend to celebrate all that the VTA has achieved in the last year.

Everyone arrived promptly at 5pm for drinks. It was incredible to look around and see everyone from all the different VTA clubs looking so amazing in their dinner suits and gowns. The photographer was taking pictures of all the families and couples before everyone sat down for the first part of the evening at 5:30pm.

The awards began with a brief introduction and then Mr Dunn as the VTA’s Tournament Director came up to present the overall champions for 2016. The overall champions are decided by the students that have won the most medals at the VTA competitions in their age category.

Our overall champions were as follows:

10-13 Female – Evie Eason-Warner (TONBRIDGE)

14-17 Female – Isobel Eason-Warner (TONBRIDGE)

Very Proud of our two winners from Tonbridge Isobel and Evie who are just incredible role models for the younger kids in our classes. They both train hard, practice all the time and their dedication to the art of TKD is amazing.

After this it was the presentation by Master Chesterman of the overall clubs for 2016. The overall club is decided on the total amount of medals won by each school across all three VTA competitions. The results are as follows:

1st Place – TONBRIDGE
2nd Place – Crowborough
3rd Place – Alton

Mr Dunn is so proud of all the hard work everyone has put in so we can finish the year in 1st place. Well done to all the competitors, umpires and parents for their support in 2016.

Then we moved on to the presentation of those students who have successfully achieved their black belt in 2016. Each Instructor got to present the results to their students and this included 4 students from Tonbridge.

Katie Moon – 1st Degree
Martyn Rowe – 1st Degree

Anna Wessels – 1st Degree
Nyal Patel – 1st Degree

All of these students have been training with Mr Dunn for a long time now and some for nearly 10 years. We are so incredibly proud of all of them reaching this milestone in TKD. So much hard work and commitment has gone into to preparing for this test and they have all done amazing. They have now pushed the number of Synergy TKD black belts to 43 and Mr Dunn could not be happier.

Then there was a break in proceedings for the 3 course meal followed by petits fours. This was a really nice meal and a great opportunity to spend some time socialising with all the instructors, students and parents in attendance.

After this it was back to degree presentations and although Mr Dunn graded on 5th January 2017, Master Lear felt it an appropriate time to award Mr Dunn with his 6th Degree Certificate. Mr Dunn has been doing TKD every day for nearly 22 years and it has been over 6 years since his last grading.

The final part of the night was to award the Instructor of the Year and the VTA Hall of Fame Award which have been voted on by all the plaque holders in the VTA. After a unanimous decision Mr Dunn was awarded the Instructor of the Year award due to his hard work for the VTA, maintaining a very high standard of student in competitions, gradings and for continued and constant growth of his full time TKD schools.

Mr Dunn would like to say the following:

I would just like to say a big thank you to all of the students and helpers who go out of their way to help me with all the classes, competitions and gradings etc and I am sure that without this help we wouldn’t have had such a successful 2016.

A special mention to Mr Singers for helping to run the classes and thank you to Mr Sam Wood who has given up a considerable amount of time to help me with well………pretty much everything and anything I need; especially the new website, competition registration and the new draw system. He is an invaluable student and friend and I could not have done these things without you.

And finally, a big thank you to my wife who puts up with me and all my stress and still manages to keep me calm and focused whilst bringing up my gorgeous twins.

They say retaining a title is much harder than winning it the first time………………the challenge is set, let’s do this!!!

Registration for the VTA competition in Redhill on 26th March will open on Sunday 12th February 2017. You can enter online at https://visiontkdcomps.co.uk

VTA Awards Night